• 1 Innovative and Inspiring


    The SmartHaus is designed to take maximum advantage of solar energy and natural ventilation, harvest rainwater and minimize the carbon footprint in an uplifting design loaded with practical and whimsical features.
  • 2 Green Home Benefits

    * Improved indoor air quality and health

    *Lower Maintenance Costs

    *Minimal Environmental Impact

    *Reduced Energy Bills

    *Greater Market Attraction

What is the SmartHaus

Smart Design is the foundation of successful green homes. This means using tools like advanced computer modeling to site your home to maximize natural light and passive heating and cooling while taking advantage of views and establishing an interaction with nature.

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Green Home Remodeling

Considering remodeling? It pays to go green. We encourage our clients thinking about adding on or remodeling to try and reuse as much of the original structure as possible. This saves resources, reduces waste and is considered by many the ultimate form of recycling.

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Custom Green Homes

We can custom design a green home for you. We’ll incorporate your style with the SmartHaus principles of sustainable design and construction. Your custom green home will leverage technology to reduce resources without compromising comfort.

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